Business – Product : Atex_detail

[Atex Door]

Atex Door is a Fire door with competitiveness in price, quality and original design

through its one-stop production system and automated manufacturing process.

[Atex EL]

Total solution products referring to half-finished goods for elevators and escalators.

They are made through fabrication of design finishing materials and automated facilities that

can express various patterns and colors.

[Atex Louver]

Louvers made with double folding machines

that mass produce diverse high-quality shapes with a maximum size of 6,400㎜.

[Atex Glass]

Glass glued to steel that has Corning glass attached to a Texteel material,

maximizing clarity and vividness in color.

[Atex Partition]

Curtain wall production that provides restructuring space with new design.

[Atex Wallsteel]

Wallsteel panel that has convenient installation and high durability

compared to previous wet-installation method.

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