Company – Overview


‘A company that makes all
its stakeholders happy’

It is the goal
and the highest value of
AJU Steel.

Placing top priority on customer value since its foundation in 1995,
AJU Steel has renewed its growth day after day through its challenging spirit and ceaseless innovation, contributing to the development of Korea’s steel industry.

Through continuous R&D, AJU Steel has grown into the world’s only company that owns the full spectrum of manufacturing methods for designing steel surface. We are striving to provide the best value to customers.

Based on diverse experience and competitive manufacturing technology in steel material industry, AJU will lay the cornerstone for sustainable growth through developing innovative products in the global market.

AJU promises to be ‘a company that makes all its stakeholders happy’ by achieving staff well-being and customer satisfaction, and committing to social contribution through ethical management practices.

AJU Steel’s initiatives and innovation will continue as it develops into a global top-tier steel material company.

Thank you.

Management Philosophy


Create a Company Where Employees Are Happy


Global Leading Company with Lasting Impact

Core Values






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