Recruit – Employee Benefits


Employee Benefits

With the aim of creating a happy workplace and improving the quality of life for all our staff, we operate diverse-ranging welfare benefits.

Support for Employment Security

  • Company dormitory
  • Collective accidence insurance
  • Vehicle upkeep subsidy
  • Company cafeteria
  • Maternity protection programs
    – Maternity & childrearing leave & guaranteed return to work
  • Healthcare agreement
    – Family discount for medical care
  • Fill the Future of Youth mutual aid

Livelihood support

  • Subsidy to pay home loan interests
  • Children’s school expenses covered
  • Benefit points
  • Resort facilities (condominiums)
  • One-Heart One-Family sports
  • End-of-year party with celebrities
  • Full health checkup for married couples
  • Yearly vacation allowances
  • Holidays, allowances, and supplies for events deserving congratulations or condolences

Labor-management partnership

  • Performance-related incentives paid
    in first and second half-year
  • Gifts marking national holidays,
    birthday, and company anniversary
    among others
  • Company clubs available and funded
  • Prizes&overseas travels for excellent employees and long-term employment
  • Education costs covered
    – for language skills, general knowledge,
    and humanities
  • Sports facilities available
    – through agreement with iKozen and others.

Support for Workplace Innovation

  • Lounges available
    – Nap room, vending machine, and ATM
  • Improvements through active suggestions
    – At-work convenience, upgraded facilities, and environmental improvement
  • Accessible facilities
  • Working time reduced through encourage yearly leave of absence
  • Reward for work through environmental improvement activities etc.

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